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First Law

A Joe Abercrombie fanfic and discussion community

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Name:A Joe Abercrombie fanfic and discussion community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Joe Abercrombie fanfic and discussion community
This is a place to discuss Joe Abercrombie's First Law series (and future books set in the same universe), write meta, post fanart, squee, gush, and otherwise have a good time.

Fanfic is welcome here -- unless the author himself tells us otherwise!

Stories above drabble length (100 words) and anything not rated G needs to go under a cut. To post fic, please use the following header and a "slash", "het", "femslash", or "gen" tag:


All art needs to go under a cut as well, as do icon posts with more than five icons. Please use the following header and a "fanart" tag:

Content of Picture:

Please keep DW's general guidelines in mind as well and don't get us into trouble.

Concrit is generally welcome here, except in cases where the author/artist specifies otherwise in their author's/artist's notes. Trolling and flaming are not permitted and culprits will be banned after the first warning. Off-topic posts (sales ads, discussion of other fandoms, quiz results) will be deleted. I trust you to be civil and treat others the way you want to be treated.

And, most importantly: Have fun!

Your mod, SV

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all other characters, arch lector sult, ardee west, bayaz, benna murcatto, bethod, black dow, collem west, crossovers, demons, dogman, eaters, fanart, fanfic, femslash, ferro maljinn, first law, forley, frost, gen, het, idiot kings, jezal dan luthar, joe abercrombie, juvens, khalul, logen nine-fingers, longfoot, malacus quai, meta, monza, monzcarro murcatto, princess terez, purposefully applied violence, revenge, sand dan glokta, severard, shanka, shivers, slash, the bloody-nine, the maker, threetrees, tolomei, tul duru, vitari
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